Cabinet Moulding Options

We select mouldings for cabinetry from U.S. based companies that have proven to have high quality, durable products that match our standards.

Download our Mouldings Document:

Click on the link below to download our moulding PDF. The document shows a selection of stock mouldings that are readily available.

Mouldings PDF (The PDF requires Adobe Reader. Download a current version.)

Custom Mouldings and more:

We also have a large variety of other mouldings available in addition to the mouldings that are shown at the links above, including the ability to make custom profiles as needed. Custom mouldings can be crafted to match virtually any profile. Additionally, we can utilize any combination of mouldings found on this site or in the .pdf file to build your custom cabinets.

View our Suppliers Moulding Selection:

White River:

With the large variety of mouldings that are available, we have chosen to provide a link to our supplier so that you can shop their entire selection. You can browse the web site of one of our suppliers listed below with confidence, knowing that you are getting the very best.

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